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Unlocking privately owned cars for MaaS; with Lukas van der Kroft

Unlocking privately owned cars for MaaS; with Lukas van der Kroft

For this Episode, Marko Javornik got together with Lukas van der Kroft, Team Lead for Smart Mobility at Connekt to discuss new potentials for Mobility as a Service.

Lukas shared his views on the future of Mobility as a Service and in particular explains how in order for the Mobility as a Service movement to grow, it will be important to include privately owned vehicles. Those vehicles still represent the predominant mobility mode in many regions and present a largely untapped potential for the Mobility as a Service segment. However, it is essential to do this properly so that we can keep the societal benefits that are becoming possible with new concepts of consuming mobility.

Get a sneak peek into the Episode with this teaser video:

To hear more about this and other ideas, jump into the Episode without further ado.

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