The Line - Cities reimagined; with Florian Lennert

The Line - Cities reimagined; with Florian Lennert

With this Podcast we always aim to share the most inspiring ideas and out of the box approaches to new mobility with you and this Episode features one of the boldest and most visionary projects globally, which truly is out of the box.
When was the last time you asked yourself questions like: Why are cities typically shaped in a circular form?; Do we really need streets?  or; Why don't we just build a city in a really long line and in harmony with the surrounding nature? "THE LINE" is a project aiming to solve many of modern world's greatest issues by creating a new way of living in harmony with nature, with a revolutionary mobility strategy at its core.

For this Episode, we're joined by Florian Lennert, the head of mobility at NEOM, responsible for the delivery of NEOM's cutting edge mobility strategy and he will be sharing more details on the how's and why's of this truly visionary project.  

Get a brief overview over the project and meet our Podcast guest Florian with this short video:

Are you curious yet to hear more about this unique project? Jump right into the Episode and listen to Marie and Florian discuss about different aspects of life in The Line and the technologies and innovations enabling this ambitious project.

If you want to find out more about life in NEOM, we have another teaser video for you: