Insights into the Post-Covid Bus Industry; with Jan Deman

Insights into the Post-Covid Bus Industry; with Jan Deman

For this Episode we're joined by Jan Deman, Director of the Busworld Foundation, to go deeper into the topics, which are moving the bus and coach industry at the moment.

We hear, that bus operators are delivering important information to passengers about e.g. the occupancy rates of buses amongst other important data, helping them to better plan their trip choices in respect to social distancing; which brings the operators a big step forward in their digitalization roadmap.
Furthermore, we're hearing more about the potentials and hurdles on the path towards zero emission and how the new paradigms around EVs and Hydrogen among other trends impact the market structure in the bus and coach sector.
Jan is also telling us about new research being conducted around the impact of air ventilation systems and how the findings might impact the competitiveness of coaches compared to the aviation sector on certain routes, especially in regards to the new importance of health in public transport.
We're also  debating whether the pandemic and the new home office movement has drawn people more towards privately owned cars or public transport options and give some outlooks for the upcoming developments in the industry.

To hear more about Jan's insights into the developments of the bus and coach industry throughout the Covid pandemic and beyond, listen to the whole Episode now.

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