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Outlook on Mobility in 2021; with Marie Kress and Marko Javornik

Outlook on Mobility in 2021; with Marie Kress and Marko Javornik

For the last Episode of this year, both of your hosts, Marko and Marie, got together again to reflect on the year 2020 and give a short outlook on the next year.

We're discussing the main trends we expect to see and hear more about in 2021, from Nomad lifestyle over a boom in alternative mobility to the rising influence of a new generation.

We're very happy and proud looking back at all the Episodes which we were able to share with you this year, with so many inspiring guests from around the world and a variety of topics being discussed. It has been a very exciting and inspiring journey so far and we're looking forward to many more stories being shared on the Podcast in 2021.

Thank you for being part of our global community! With this Episode, we're sending you off into the well-deserved holidays and we'll be back with new inspiration and a new Episode in January.

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