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Mobility and Data in Smart Cities; with Athanasios Kalogeras and Mercè Boy Roura

Mobility and Data in Smart Cities; with Athanasios Kalogeras and Mercè Boy Roura

For this Episode, which is part of our Sustainable Mobility Series in collaboration with REVOLVE Media, we are taking a closer look at the developments in Smart Cities. I am joined by the Environmental Scientist Mercè Boy Roura and Electrical & Computer Engineer Athanasios Kalogeras, who are both involved in the Green Growth Community.  

Together we explore the areas of innovation around Smart Cities and take a deeper dive on approaches to Open Data and the role of smart infrastructure in the context of Smart Cities. We are discussing some best practices and take a look at the pros and cons of different ideas, especially regarding the crucial topic of sharing and utilizing data, which is generated virtually on every corner in Smart Cities.

Do you know some great approaches to Smart Cities and want to share them? Comment on the Episode to join the discussion!

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