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Hydrogen - the Rockstar of the Energy Transition; with Frank Wouters

Hydrogen - the Rockstar of the Energy Transition; with Frank Wouters

This Episode marks the start of a sustainability and mobility collaboration series of Smart Mobility Podcast with REVOLVE Magazine. I am joined by Frank Wouters, who has been leading sustainable energy projects worldwide over the last 28 years. He was involved in countless projects dealing with renewable generation and has advised public power sector agencies. At the moment, he is based in Abu Dhabi and serves as Global Lead Green Hydrogen at Worley, he is director of the EU GCC clean energy technology network, and he is advising the world bank on solar energy around the world, among his other active engagements.

Frank is taking us deeper into the world of Hydrogen technology. We are talking about the basics of Hydrogen Technology and then take a deeper dive on practical application cases in the world of mobility.

Frank Wouters and Marie Kress during their discussion

Click on the Banner below to secure your issue of the REVOLVE Magazine, where you can find Frank's feature article on Hydrogen - the Rockstar of the Energy Transition among other articles dedicated to water, nature, energy and mobility.

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