Hydrogen Mobility: opportunities in China; with Jean-Marc Tixhon and Louis-Philippe Lammertyn

Hydrogen Mobility: opportunities in China; with Jean-Marc Tixhon and Louis-Philippe Lammertyn

In the second Episode of the sustainable mobility series of Smart Mobility Podcast in collaboration with REVOLVE, we are taking a closer look at innovation in the area of Hydrogen-based mobility in China. I am joined by Jean-Marc Tixhon and Louis-Philippe Lammertyn from the company HINICIO, a strategy consulting company specialized in Hydrogen topics.

Xi Jinping has recently announced that China will become carbon neutral by 2060, which, considering that China is the biggest polluter worldwide, is a very ambitious goal. The Chinese Carbon-Neutral Agenda shows their strong dedication to scaling Hydrogen Technology and fuel cell vehicles in the years to come.

In our discussion, Jean-Marc and Louis are giving deeper insights into the significance of building robust and resilient supply chains locally and internationally in order to facilitate the widespread usage of hydrogen for mobility. International collaboration in terms of regulations, policies, R&D and other areas is crucial for getting closer to carbon-neutral transport across the globe. We also touch on the topic of investment and funding for much-needed infrastructure, namely through the Chinese Investments into Hydrogen as well as the EU's Green Deal, which promises to accelerate the developments in multiple areas of sustainability, including Fuel Cell and Battery Technology.

Join us for this interesting discussion around the next phases of application and implementation of Hydrogen Technology worldwide and gain deeper insights into the Innovation Culture and Hydrogen Agenda of China.

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