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Our Journey begins: Meet your hosts

Our Journey begins: Meet your hosts

Welcome to our first ever Episode, for which the two hosts of Smart Mobility Podcast, Marko and Marie got together. We speak about what gave us the idea to start a Podcast in a time, where the world is already overwhelmed with the amount of information available online. We share how each of us found our way to our shared passion of Smart Mobility and we wanted to give a brief overview to what listeners can expect from our Podcast and why this project is such an inspiration for both of us.

Your Hosts: Marko Javornik and Marie Kress

Smart Mobility Podcast in our eyes represents a global platform, which is giving the opportunity for in-depth dialogue with global experts, going beyond the buzzwords and viral trends, and providing great content to the community, hopefully sparking many relevant dialogues.

We are beyond excited to start this journey with all of you listeners and we're looking forward to many exciting Episodes to come. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.