Autonomous Mobility driving the cities of tomorrow; with Jacopo Scudellari

Autonomous Mobility driving the cities of tomorrow; with Jacopo Scudellari

In this Episode, which is part of our sustainable mobility series in partnership with REVOLVE Media, we're joined by Jacopo Scudellari, who was part of a very interesting research project in collaboration with the University of Turin, exploring the application cases of  Autonomous Mobility in future cities. Jacopo is sharing some of the key findings as well as his viewpoints on the first application cases of Autonomous Mobility in Cities. He believes, that the first great successful use case for autonomous vehicles will be seen in public transportation.

We all know the great relevance or urban planning and transport planning, when it comes to building successful urban mobility systems. This topic is also very relevant when looking at the future implementations of autonomous mobility, and there will be a variety of more pilot projects to determine the best use cases to cover with autonomous vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

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