Anthropology for Future Mobility; with Dan Podjed

Anthropology for Future Mobility; with Dan Podjed

We're joined by the applied anthropologist Dan Podjed, who takes us deeper into the world of people-centric product- and service design.

When designing new solutions, products or services, teams often ask themselves: what do our users want to have, and how can we solve their needs? We use frameworks, tools and different brainstorming techniques to come up with Personas, Hypotheses and feature requests - when the best answer could have come from the people directly, which seems like an easy and straightforward approach but nonetheless is not very commonly used. Dan is taking us deeper into the anthropological approach to true people-centric design and shares his experiences, views and tells about some of the mobility-related experiments which he has conducted in the past.

Jump into the Episode now to hear what Dan has to say about sustainable and people-centric future mobility.

If you want to read more about the Drive Green project Dan is mentioning, check out their website:

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